The New Mom - Growing with The Bullock Garden Project, Inc. Podcast

Meet Onna Jones! Onna is BGP's Chief Operating Officer, is a brand new mom and the guest for this episode of Growing with the Bullock Garden Project. She is a mover, a doer, and always looking to take the Bullock Garden Project to the next level. She has a passion for helping others and helping low income families.

Onna shares some interesting information about what she's currently doing in regards to the Bullock Garden Project, including partnering with a huge home improvement company to help school gardens flourish.

You get to hear some little baby Dahlia squeaks, the official BGP baby and a couple of snuffles from Oscar the pup! The conversation leads to how life has changed for Onna and her husband, Dylan, in terms of eating and healthy habits. Sonya and Mer also scout out Onna's yard and see the perfect spot for a home garden. Do you want to see the home gardens/yards of our BGP Board Members? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Follow Onna on Instagram at OnnaJones_BGPCOO

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