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2021: The Year of BGP

Updated: Jan 3

By Amethyst Martinez

Happy New Year: Here's to 2021!

Happy New Year to our supporters of the Bullock Garden Project! I would like to speak on behalf of the entire team and offer my thanks for all the support we’ve received in 2020. I think we can all agree it was a tough year for us all, but BGP has so much in store for 2021. There’s so much exciting news to be given, and BGP plans to grow bigger and stronger in the new year. The amazing work that we do will continue to flourish in the year to come! As we grow, our contributors grow with us, and we could not do the work we do without the love we receive from you all. There are so many events to attend, new schools to work in, and new organizations in 2021, and information will start being released as early as January on all of our social media platforms. We cannot wait for the public to see more of the work that we do, and we hope the new year brings many blooms for BGP as well as you and your family. Stay safe and Happy New Year!

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